I am a speedcuber who specializes at 3×3 and all of its events, I am an active user on the Speedsolving Forums and my username is Username: Username, pretty weird right? I use CFOP (2LLL) and Yau on 4×4, I use M2 for edges in 3BLD and Old Pochmann for corners in 3BLD.

I don’t have a WCA profile or a Youtube channel yet, but after quarantine (due to corona) I will go to my first competition and get my WCA ID.

I started cubing around 5/4 months ago, I averaged around 1:40 4 months ago and currently, I average around 13 seconds. (getting to 12!)

I don’t do much events, except 3×3 events, 3×3 (obviously) and 4×4.

My main(s) is a Yuxin Little Magic, I’ll switch to a Gan 356 RS M :), my 4×4 main is a Qiyi Qiyuan that I got. so, yeah, that’s my cube collection. ( with a Rubik’s brand and I know, my cube collection is so tiny!)