Welcome to my website!

This is where I post my cubing progresses in whatever events that I do in that time period.

Why do I choose this design in the website?

I chose this design because of the minimalistic accent of them, it has some pretty user-friendly features, including floating arrow thingy and the menus which to me is pretty sleek.

Bit of overview of me

Hi! Username: Username here!

My name is Username: Username from SS forum of course that’s not my real name, I like making websites and cubing, with some programming cherry on top.

My global average on 3×3 is around 13 seconds, at the time of this writing which is 19th of May, 2020, I also do 4×4, 3×3 OH and 3×3 Blindfolded, My average on 4×4 is around high 1 minute, 3×3 OH is around 55 seconds and my 3BLD average is around 1 minute

I started cubing around 4 months ago, and no, I am not a prodigy, I happen to have lots of free time to practice which is the ultimate key to improve.