Please tell me if the fingertricks are good or not.

For many PLLs, I use home grip but for some of them they are a little bit different.

For the G Perm, since it has many D or wide moves, I need to develop the finger tricks for it. For my Ga Perm (R2 U R’ U R’ U’ R U’ R2 D U’ R’ U R D) I start regripping my whole hand so that my right index, middle and ring fingers and on the F face and the thumb on the B face, after that I do R2 and I end up on home grip then for the U move I flick it using the right index finger and then I do normal R’ after that I drag my three fingers, Index, middle and ring fingers to do the U drag move, then I do R’ using my ring finger then U’ using left index finger then R move with my whole hand then normal U’ then R2 with my whole hand and then, no I will not make the paragraph so long so I will make a video on it.

Stay tuned for video!

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  1. Looks pretty awkward to me. I regrip like this:
    Thumb on D layer, other fingers on U.
    R2, U with index, R‘ normally for back to home grip, U with middle finger, R’ normally, U’ with left index, R normally, U’ with left index, R2, then regrip so thumb on top, fingers on D. U’ and D simultaneously with left index and ring, R’ U R trigger, D’ with left ring push

    Plus I think you meant D’ at the last one 😉

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