I just got the Gan 356 RS M, I bought it for an upgrade over the Yuxin Little Magic M, and honestly, it feels papery like typical Gan cubes and more smooth and faster than the Yuxin Little Magic, I don’t know if it’s the effect of my YLM’s tensions slipping because they have been slipping. The corner-cutting is just slightly above the YLM’s standards at 45-50 degrees for normal corner cut and line to line for regular corner cut but they are way smoother than the YLM, many people told that the RS’s feel and corner-cutting is basically a replica of the XS’s which is a bonus. It matched my super rough turning style and is a feature that I like when I am going to comps.

Overall, it definitely was an upgrade over the YLM Magnetic.

On to Day 24.

I could have swear that the new cube improved my times from 13-12 seconds to 11-12 seconds, other than that I am planning to complete the H cases of the ZBLL, also can anyone suggest me a PDF of separate ZBLL groups? I don’t like reading the computer to memorize the alg.

Also, I started changing my turning style to be a lot smoother and slower so I could focus on lookahead.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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