Hello! Today I have an idea for a Hawaiian Kociemba method variation, (or an original method, IDK?) the title is above, So let me explain.

  1. Make a Cross minus one cross edge, unlike normal HK, you don’t have to orient the F2L edges which make the inspection a lot easier.
  2. Do normal F2L, nothing different here.
  3. Now do Roux EO if some of the 5 edges aren’t oriented then restore the 3rd cross edge if it was disrupted by Roux EO. If all of the edges are oriented skip this step.
  4. Do one of the 42 CLL algorithms to orient and permute the LL corners. If you skipped step 3, do COLL, it preserves EO.
  5. Do L5EP (Last 5 Edges Permute) and your cube is completed!

Inspection is much easier than normal HK because you don’t have to do EO at the beginning.

1 Look 2 Alg Possibly?

Theoretically, you could improve the lookahead at HKLL by using a 1 Look 2 Alg system, but recognition will be difficult because you are simultaneously recognizing 2 cases of the last step. Let me explain.

Instead of doing normal CLL which distrupts the LL edges, you could do Pure CLL which solves LL corners while preserving the LL edge permutation and orientation, then you could recognize the L5EP case.

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  1. Not only is this not unique, it also sucks. There’s no benefit to it over HK or CFOP. It has rotations, disrupts M-Slice pairing, you should definitely do CxLL first because you ruin chances of a skip with EO. It has all the disadvantages of CFOP and HK with none of their respective benefits. In short, it’s total crap. Also your suggestion of 1L2A is a bad ripoff of Cubingcubecuber’s idea, and you definitely know it exists.

    Don’t delete this comment just because you don’t like it. It only shows you don’t accept when you’ve been caught ripping someone off and when someone shows “your” idea is bad.

  2. I’m not going to delete it, and also, in the past for the 1L2A system, I didn’t even see Cubingcubecuber’s post. I didn’t know someone came up with this method lol, not every method has to be a speedsolving method just a fun one 🙂

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